A quick notice for any film buffs going wrapping up their Friday and looking for some fun on this Halloween weekend…

Criterion Collection has just put up a cool contest on Facebook, similar to their awesome background contest from a few weeks ago. In this case though, Criterion simply invites you to mine your Criterion Collection films and find the scariest frame you can, in any film. Snap the frame and post it on their wall by Sunday night, when they’ll collect 10 of them and put them up for voting.

You’ll have to be fast though, people are already posting up screencaps in great numbers and there are some good ones. It’s worth the effort though, as this is the grand prize for whoever submits the best of the 10 frames and gets the most “likes” by Halloween:

You can't buy THIS for a dollar.

But hell, even if you’re chosen among the top 10 you get a Criterion disc of your choosing. Well worth the effort.

Good luck chewers, and happy screencapping!

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