Aside from a heavier suggestion that Tom Wilkinson is getting whacked but quick in this fourth Mission: Impossible film, there’s not a ton of extra material in this new trailer than was in the teaser. Also, even though it’s a bit more fleshed out, I’m still not seeing signs of any special Brad Bird action gooeyness– just the sort of high-dollar blockbuster stunts that you expect (read: Cruise getting slammed hard by an explosion into another thing). I really hope his keen eye breaks through here, and his brilliant sense of action kinetics empowered by the digital cameras of, say, The Incredibles aren’t too diluted by the constraints of actual physics. Generally though, this is looking like a pretty typical Mission: Impossible film, except without a particularly charming villain or reason to think Renner has anything interesting to do.

By the way, remember that the five-day early IMAX preview of this film (December 16th) will likely include the Dark Knight Rises preview. Don’t expect many more early IMAX releases though.. word is that the company is finding it tough to get any other studios to commit to an early release of this kind.

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