Cage is well-known for doing whatever it takes to get into his parts – he famously ate a live cockroach for Vampire’s Kiss. So how will he get into the role of Liberace, the famously barely closeted piano player? Word is that Cage is looking to play Liberace in a biopic written by the guys who wrote Date Movie, believe it or not.

Apparently what has Cage interested is the double life the flamboyant musician led. While he was glaringly flamingly gay to pretty much everyone who saw him, he claimed to be completely straight. It just so happened that Liberace lived in a time when a complete queen could feign straightness and everyone weirdly went along with it.

The film will begin its examination of Liberace through the image-shattering lawsuit live-in lover Scott Thorson brought against him in the 80s, and then work its way back through his life and career. Despite the pedigree of the writers this will be a serious look at Liberace.

There is no studio and no director yet, although Cage is supposedly taking meetings. He wants the film to start up by October. As for when the movie will come out… oh jeez, that joke is too corny even for me.