A whole bunch of cool stuff relating to one of our (and from the look of things, your) favorite films of the year has been piling up of late, and it’s about time to share..

• First up is an excellent screenprint poster for the film made by James White, who designed the Hobo With A Shotgun logo and one of the film’s better posters. For Drive he decided to go simple and stripped down to do justice to the neon pop aesthetic of the film, and he did a fantastic job.

These posters will become corporeal, but White says that the first (unofficial) run will be extremely limited and mostly distributed among his VIP friends. There is a contest you can enter to grab one (info on his blog) but he also promises that he’ll be looking into making this official so more prints can be sold…

• Next is a super cool Soundworks Collection video on the film. I’ve covered these segments before, and Drive is definitely a film with the kind of brilliant sound edit/mix that deserves scrutiny. Take a look…

SoundWorks Collection: The Sound of “Drive” from Michael Coleman on Vimeo.

• And speaking of stellar sound, you can’t mention Drive without paying due respect to composer Cliff Martinez who extended the flashy 80s synth sound of the chosen songs into a supporting ambient soundtrack that imbues the film with much of its fairytale mystery and romance. Martinez spoke with mubi.com about his process (also about his excellent work on Contagion), and you should definitely give it a read.

The final ingredient was the Texas Chainsaw Massacre influence. Nicolas told me that this was his all-time favorite film. There were many times when I would play him something and he’d say, “That’s nice but can you give me a little more of that Leatherface thing?” So that was another contrasting stroke, adding a horror element to a film that really wasn’t a horror film.

So that was my blue print: a sound designerly, magical and horrific fairy-tale with religious overtones scored in an 80s synth pop style.

• And finally, I was lucky enough to stumble on this great track by Catacombkid, an electronic artist inspired (apparently like so many others) by the film to do something really cool. The result is this really nice synth dance track that definitely fits within the sonic atmosphere of the film without simply remixing or ripping off any particular sound. Give it a listen…

Great art begets great art.

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