weekend at the San Diego Comic Con the members of Broken Lizard revealed to Suicide Girls’ Dan Epstein that their next movie won’t be a Broken Lizard movie. But it’ll have Broken Lizard in it.

Called The Babymaker, the film will be directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and be produced by Broken Lizard, and it will star Kevin Heffernan. But again – it’s not an official Broken Lizard movie. I’m not really sure why. Maybe it’s because this one is going to be a little more mainstream in its comedy than your usual Broken Lizard movie.

Heffernan describes the movie as a “sperm bank heist movie,” which guarantees at least my admission. There is not enough sperm in our films today. Although I don’t know how mainstream a "sperm bank heist movie" really would be, so maybe my previous theory is out the window. Read more about the movie’s plot at Suicide Girls.

Meanwhile it’s just a couple of weeks until Broken Lizard’s Beerfest hits theaters. I should have more of those set visit reports up if I can fix the computer that houses them. Give me your pity!