Are there ever “bidding battles”…? How about a “bidding skirmish”…? I’m just curious because it always seems like any script that has more than one interested party is inevitably said to be the center of a bidding war, and I just don’t hear as many reports detailing the number of Fox executive causalities or Sony wounded as I’d like. I suppose the suits aren’t really busting out the chains and knives to duke it out over these scripts…

Regardless, a pair of writers are in the fortunate position of having sold their spec script, largely based on good timing and this little visual aid:

That trailer is a little annoying because it’s every editing technique and bit of b-roll from horror trailers mashed together with no actual footage, though I suppose it at least communicates the basic idea of Brandon Bestenheider and Allen Bey’s script. I wonder if that title, Grim Night, will last?

Regardless, the idea of a sort of annual supernatural 9/11 (Never forget!) is intriguing enough, and was apparently realized in a script strong enough to get Universal on the front-lines with a blank check. Also key to the sale was the decision to put out their little trailer shortly before Paranormal Activity 3 opened, and then to offer up the script immediately after its monster opening weekend. Kind of fun watching someone so distinctly take advantage of the Pavlovian instincts of studio executives.

The writers of the script have Unbroken Picture behind them, meaning they have The Strangers director Bryan Bertino in their court. That’s an interesting, if not great, little movie that time forgot. Surprising that Bertino never got more work doing a horror remake or something… little has come of the rumored Strangers sequel (DTV or otherwise). I wonder if he’s primarily putting his energy into producing these days, or if we’ll hear more from him behind the camera.

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Source | THR (via Latino Review)