The Zach Galifianakis / Will Ferrell political comedy that I’m excited about has apparently undergone another title change that I’ve missed, going from Southern Rivals to simply Rivals and now to Dog Fight. The film has the two comedians playing politicians on opposite sides of a nasty South Carolina congressional race, and despite being directed by Jay Roach, is something I’m really excited about. Now comes the news that Jason Sudeikis, who found a real star-launching hit with Horrible Bosses this year, will join the cast and add another weird name that ends with “kis.”

Sudeikis is a charming guy, though one I’ve always found tough to believe as the poon-hound frat guy roles that he’s often ended up playing. Generally he’s a great personality for other more distinctive guys to bounce off of, without being a complete straight-man. Frankly, Dog Fight is much more on my radar to hopefully see Galifianakis in something that might finally showcase his brilliance. Even though he’s seemed so widely exposed and well blown up since The Hangover hit, he’s actually not been in a Seth Rogen-volume of comedies, and even fewer that actually do his talent justice. Hangover, Due Date, Dinner For Schmucks… all comedies shoving him into some variation of the same hi-larious-Aspergers-case box. He had It’s Kind of A Funny Story to branch out a bit, and he did so, but that was too slight of a film bogged down by melodrama to really stick. You still pretty much have to dig into something like Tim & Eric Awesome Show or revisit his stand-up special to get a more unfiltered version of his funny. Considering he does belligerent humor much funnier than Ferrell (who’s great), I’m excited to see him let loose in something he has more control and input on. I don’t need 10 years of yelling from him, but he still needs his Anchorman.

Oh, it’s also worth nothing that frequent TV actresses Katherine LaNasa and Sarah Baker have joined the cast as well, but unfortunately there’s no details on their characters either. I want details dammit! Perhaps when they begin filming next month…

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Source | THR (via Latino Review)