After years of multiple kidnappings and other absurdity on 24, obsessionable superblonde Elisha Cuthbert is slowly working her way up the feature film hotlist. And if they pull it off, this could be the part that thrusts her to the top.

Cuthbert is planning to take the lead in Gold Circle’s remake of the delightful Korean romantic comedy My Sassy Girl. Perhaps the most captivating unhealthy relationship ever, the movie follows an unassuming college student who falls in love with a beautiful gal who also happens to be remarkably disturbed, leading to a complex affair. Not like that’s terribly rare, but it’s not usually this entertaining in real life (I’d advise tracking down the original flick as well, on the slight chance the remake winds up being a shallow imitation).

The movie is being directed by consonant hog Yann Samuell, who replaced Bend It Like Beckham helmer Gurinder Chadha behind the camera at some point during the project’s lengthy gestation. Cuthbert will next be seen in a cheerleader outfit (repeat: Cuthbert in a cheerleader outfit) in The Quiet, and kidnapped once again in the Saw-like thriller Captivity. Though considering her implausible hotness, it’s actually difficult to believe she’s not kidnapped more often.