’t forget about our Beerfest screening!

The Descent is a movie that has garnered an interesting bit of discussion amongst the staff and readers for some time now. We even devoted a chunk of Podcast time to it in the past. Some of us love it. Some of us like it. Some of us… don’t.

Still, the flick has more buzz than a hornet whorehouse and it’s finally coming stateside in a slightly truncated version that may actually work to its advantage.

The premise involves a group of ladies going spelunking [that is not slang for a lesbian orgy you middle schoolers] and coming across somethings that. Isn’t. Human.

If you want to see it and I know you do because who doesn’t love director Neil Marshall’s Dog Soldiers and who doesn’t want to see if the blurb on the poster that says it’s "the best horror-thriller since ALIEN" is true or marketing hoo-haa? If you live in Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, or Nashville, here’s your chance.

I’ve been told I give passes away too liberally. To people who don’t appreciate them or read the site or whatever, just accepting envelopes from people without rhyme or reason. I’ve also been told I’m tall, which is also a lie.


If you want to see this movie, I want you to use the proper email link below and while including your mailing address in the email tell me what moment in what film haunted your nightmares for years. What moment scared the living hell out of you? Why? Was it the moment where the kid’s head got run over in The Toxic Avenger? When Teri Hatcher showcased her famished nude parts in Heaven’s Prisoners? Speak! And don’t just fire off an email with your mailing address. That’s the shortcut to deletion.