screening of Super Troopers is the stuff of legend, especially since it happened a few hours after I’d spent an hour hanging with the Broken Lizard guys in their tour bus and was so jazzed about the film I couldn’t wait to have the locals see it. I’d seen it the day before and was totally smitten. Then, we ate at Rockbottom Brewery and saw the tour bus parked right outside the Amerisuites hotel and hoped against hope that the boys were banging Emory students like it was going out of style, which it isn’t [my wife’s an Emory grad]. Club Dread has flaws but anyone who’s given it a few viewings have found numerous gems and the Kevin Heffernan "Is that a fat joke?" line destroyed me, though I might be the only one.

Beerfest is their latest, and we’ve covered it pretty hard with our set visit HERE and HERE to the arrival of the poster and trailer HERE and a sponsored screening makes all the sense in the world.


If you live in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Nashville, you’re going to see this early with us. After which, you will tell everyone you know to get their asses in the theater on August 25th to make this film achieve a mainstream success that the Broken Lizard guys deserve.

How to get a pass?

Easy, in fact I’m going to send the passes out myself. No sending me envelopes this time, though if I have one of yours here I’ll use it. This time I’m going to provide the envelope, stamo, and pass. Here’s what you do, because it’s kinda important for us too.

Watch our little 11 Colonels ATTACK! teaser. Then send the link to five of your favorite people with the best sense of humor (and tolerance for profanity).Tell them that if they like it to please forward it to someone else. Get as many folks as possible at least informed about the potential movie from If you like the Broken Lizard films, you’ll like this one. If you hate the Broken Lizard films, you’ll like this one. If you’ve never seen the Broken Lizard films, you’ll like this one.

After that, use the corresponding link below and tell me what you thought of the teaser and also tell me what Broken Lizard flick (Puddle Cruiser, Super Troopers, Club Dread, and I guess you can lump The Dukes of Hazzard in there too) is your favorite and why. Then tell me what your favorite beer in the world is. Include your mailing address or it’s all moot.

Checklist: Spread the word about our comedy, send us an email with comments on it and your favorite Broken Lizard flick and beer, and email us with your mailing address. Yep, that should just about do it. Be warned, there is vulgarity both on our clip and in the movie. No passes will be sent to folks under the age of 18.

Unless you’re a hot chick. I have to prove hot chicks read this site.