I’m quite pleased to have a nice, classy poster for Hugo so I don’t have to keep using that dumb, boring key everywhere. Even better that the poster pays tribute to Safety Last!, the classic Harold Lloyd comedy that made famous the image of a man hanging from the hands of a clockface, which of course Back To The Future paid tribute to as well. Orson Welles also employed the imagery in his 1946 film The Stranger, though in a much more serious light. So clearly Hugo is in good company, which is appropriate for a film so in love with film.

I was recently looking at the upcoming week’s releases, and was again shocked that Hugo 3D drops on such a packed week and will fight for the family dollar with The Muppets, Arthur Christmas and, to much less of an extent, prestige films The Artist and A Dangerous Method. I think the kids films will have a brutal fight, though Hugo likely has the best chance at good legs. It’s interesting though that it drops the same weekend as The Artist, as both films are love letters to an almost forgotten time in cinema history. I can’t wait to see them all, frankly.

EDIT: And there’s also a new full trailer from Apple to accompany the poster, and it also features a look a Hugo hanging from the clock, not to mention some cool film geek easter eggs!

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