STUDIO: Warner Bros.
MSRP: $24.98
RATED: Unrated
RUNNING TIME: 385 Minutes
Bonus Sketches

The Pitch

“Um, sir, remember when we released the Blue Collar TV DVD set? Yeah well we accidentally only released half of the episodes.” “You’re kidding me! That’s SO GREAT! Release the other half in another set and charge full price…I’ll be able to get that damn yacht after all!!”

The Humans

Jeff Foxworthy, Bill Engvall, Larry Cable Guy and the same host of co-stars who I’m still are assuming are only in it for the paycheck.

And I’d always seen Engvall as the least jackassy of the three.

The Nutshell

There really isn’t a nutshell as this is a sketch show. Basically, you got these three guys doing stupid shit for half an hour. It’s supposed to be funny, and to some people it probably is, but really – it’s not. (Recycled from my first BCTV review – and really, why not? Nothing new to add.)

The Lowdown

So in my first Blue Collar TV review, I came down on the program pretty hard (rightfully so). It was such a crappy show that relied on such juvenile attempts at “humor,” that I found it hard that one, anyone could find it funny and two, that these three guys could blatantly just make fun of their core audience. I’ve heard a lot of their standup (all of them), and they’re actually smart guys. They’ve all had really good bits and are capable of just being funny without having to resort to such low levels. And the fact that they DO resort to those levels proves, to me at least, that they know EXACTLY what they’re doing and it’s mean. But people just eat it up. However, I decided to give it another shot because a) these guys ARE capable of decent material and b) sometimes it takes a bit for a show to find it’s groove.

My mistake.

And just like that, a simple sketch became something much, much worse.

There’s still the bits I mentioned in the first review: The Big Baby Sketches (still creepy as hell); the PC Fairy Tales (as read by Larry the Cable Guy and, with the light shed on some of his beliefs by our own Devin Faraci, the way he reads these things is damn near offensive) and of course the wildly-popular Redneck Dictionary. Now, I do realize that, as Southerners, there’s a certain accent that we’ve developed. I have that accent, as does most everyone I know and obviously we tend to “modify” our share of words. But some of the things they pass off here are just STUPID and even as thick as MY accent is I’d want to punch someone if they ever uttered some of this stuff around me.

However, the one thing that really stands out in this glorification of White-Trashery is the Redneck Yard of the Week. Basically, people send in pictures of their actual yards in hopes to have it displayed on the show. And these aren’t the kinds of Southern Yards you’re going to find on King of the Hill, or even the tacky Pink Flamingo and Used Tire Flower Garden type of yards you typically see in movies and such. These are some of the TRASHIEST lawns I have ever seen in my life. Horrible, horrible stuff – and it’s not only encouraged, but celebrated. There’s nothing to be proud of here. I hope someone who submitted a picture (or better yet, had theirs displayed) is reading this now. And I hope you’re offended – because you should be. Clean that mess up and take some fucking pride in where you live.

Sorry about that. Anyway, all that said there are a few brief moments of entertainment, coming mainly when the guys are just sitting around making fun of each other. These moments are few and far between though, and they’re not ALL funny, but the only laughs I got from this three-disc collection of pain came from those types of segments.

"My question is where is the line between being “un-PC” and being racist?"
"Um, uh…GIT R DONE!"

The Package

The cover showcases our three leads superimposed on a brick wall texture with the logo above. Nothing really interesting here aside from the fact that the artist replaced the Rebel Flag on Larry’s hat with an American Flag. For some reason I just find that hilarious. With all the crap that comes out of this moron’s mouth, they’re worried about the image on his baseball cap. Awesome.

In the features, there’s some excised sketches that, in most cases, were better than the ones that made the cut. Not sure why these got excised and I don’t really care.

The blooper reel was sort of lame too, which is surprising since I’m usually a sucker for blooper reels, but this one just left me cold. It’s just not really that funny when someone screws up a joke that wasn’t funny to begin with.

Ah well.

2.0 out of 10