A tweet and a website image… that’s about all there is to go on with this one:

Last night Nathan Fillion tweeted a link to www.muchadothemovie.com where one simply finds a single image announcing the completion of filming on Much Ado About Nothing, a film “based on a play” and directed by Joss Whedon.

The image lists a cast that includes Nathan Fillion obviously, as well as other frequent Whedon collaborators like Amy Acker of Angel and Dollhouse. Aside from the quirky little image of a submerged man holding a martini, there’s little else here.

So obviously now the buzz is raging over how Whedon shot this film in secret with no one the wiser. It’s entirely possible, especially if the director decided to do something quiet and small. The Shakespearean comedy is a simple story of two couples in love who are tricked throughout the play until the villain is caught and everyone dances, the classic stuff. It’s filled with the kind of rapid-fire comedy dialogue that many screenwriters love to riff on today and, like virtually all of the Bard’s plays, is easily adapted to any time period.

I’m sure we’ll find out something more substantive soon, but since tweeting the link the only follow up comment Fillion has made is that the project is “very real,” and a joke playing up the mystery. There is the obvious aside that this “film” could end up being more a web-series or VOD-only film experiment, but even the actors aren’t sure.

We’ll fill you in as soon as someone fills us in!

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