that Will Eisner’s in a coffin he’s able to spin in it.

Nah, that’s unfair. The news coming down the pike that Frank Miller is stepping in to direct a feature film of Eisner’s seminal comic The Spirit could easily be construed as a case of a creator standing on the shoulders of giants, but Miller’s a giant too and he himself said that he’s doing this as much out of love as he is to protect the material from another director who could possibly wreck it. Imagine: Breck Eisner and Will Eisner’s The Spirit.

The Spirit is a really classy detective saga from back during "The War" that helped escalate Will Eisner from the ranks of swell guys to living legends, though I must admit that I like his A Contract with God better. Miller’s recent experience and success with the Sin City movie as a director makes him a more feasible choice and he’s got friends that aren’t going to let him fuck this up, so the film should be at least competent and his claims that it’ll be "scary" are encouraging. Plus, Miller’s work on the Robocop sequels is the stuff of legend.

Not sure how I feel about him casting Esai Morales as The Spirit, but we’ll see.

In all seriousness, buy the book pictured above. It’s brilliant. Also, use THIS LINK to earn us a little side dough. I’m just sayin’.