Graboid and Chud Thinker features have inspired me. Here is a puzzle from the mind of Blofeld –
also known as Chud’s shortz.

This is a standard “Cryptogram” puzzle. I have taken a quote from a beloved movie and
anagrammed the letters into the answers of the 8 clues. If you answer a clue, place the letters into
their appropriate positions in the quote.
If you figure out a word in the quote you can fill the letters into their
corresponding spaces in any unanswered clues.

If you’ve solved the puzzle, post the TITLE OF THE MOVIE
from which the quote is taken in this thread.

The Quote:

"1-2-‘3    4-5-6    7-8-9    10-11-12-13-14,    15-16-17-18-19.    20-21-‘22     23-24-25    26-27-28-29-30-31-32."

1. Direction from
Hitchcock: 4-16-13-23-24

2. Ned Beatty and
John Goodman shared a big one:

3. Edwards produced
one in the dark: 14-8-5-6

4. What Tracy, ironically, didn’t
have enough of: 2-20-26-18

5. Jones snarled at
it in 1979: 30-28-1-11-17

6. Titular feature of
Mars : 32-19-9-22

7. What they want to
do with Shorty: 31-25-7

8. A kind of man from
Reno: 15-27-21

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