STUDIO: Lionsgate
MSRP: $19.98
RATED: Not Rated
• Outtakes/Bloopers
• Cootie Catcher game
• The Scoop on Skye Sweetnam
• Music Video
• Kevin’s Paper Clip Movie featurette

The Pitch

Teen Girl Squad! Cheerleader! So and So! Whats Her Face! The Ugly One! (ugly one not included)

The Humans

Barbie™, Tia™, Courtney®, Raquelle®.

"How come I always get picked for Random Locker Check?"

The Nutshell

The popular kids are mean to Barbie™. That’s right, today’s Barbie™ is an outcast just like you. A willowy, bespangled blonde outcast in a world where nobody weighs more than 92 pounds and everyone has perfect skin. So she decides to make a video documentary about popular kids… and wouldn’t you know it, she breaks into the ‘In’ crowd and gets all stuck up for a while, writing in her diary and obsessing over her new charm bracelet (both available through a catalog enclosed with the disc, by the way), blowing off band practice and treating platonic buddy Kevin like the doormat he is.

Then (SPOILER!) they all make nice and sing.

When Kev realized he’d accidentally left his copy of Butt Slutz #23 on the rec room table,
he figured the girls would never let him forget it. He was so right.

The Lowdown

Tedious. Stop mooning over that unattainable jock boy, Barbie™! Kevin’s clearly the pointy-haired guy for you. Besides, you can’t spell “Kevin” without K-E-N. Excuse me, has anyone seen my manhood?

As she leafed through her cousin’s scrapbook, Skipper felt a chill of recognition.
The symbols matched those found on the first three bodies.

The Package

As with previous Barbie™ titles, the technical specs are impressive. While the characters’ faces are alarmingly mask-like a lot of attention has been paid to their hair. Reminds me of some of the girls from junior high, actually. They’ve gone with performance-capture animation this time around; I kept expecting to see an energy meter in the corner.

…and I wasn’t even going to make a Hot Coffee joke!

There’s also a music video, and… surprise! Tall blond Barbie™’s singing voice is provided by a bouncy little brunette. A Canadian, no less. Miss Sweetnam gets a couple of minutes to share her creative process and fashion tips with us, and then she’s gone. Give her a couple years.

3™ out of 10