me if this is old news but since Devin and Dave are off at Comic Con and a Vegas set visit, I’m going to carry the news torch. Then again, it may be like a glass of nice cool iced tea since I’m neither a Communist or a pedophile…

Eric Bana has pleased the movie gods. I know this because there’s no other explanation as to how he can get not one but two of the most bright and beautiful Hollywood twenty-somethings portraying women vying for his affections in the upcoming film The Other Boleyn Girl for director Justin Chadwick. Natalie Portman. Scarlett Johanssen. Yeah.

Bana’s no slouch, I’ll give you that. He was almost as pec-tastic as Brad Pitt was in Troy and he’s been a terrific actor since Chopper made me long for a vegemite slaying of my own, but he’s worked with Ridley Scott and Stephen Spielberg and Ang Lee. He’s not hurting for good juju.

Now he plays the King with these two women battling for a place in his cockspace. Awesome. That one of these women will lose their head (SPOILER!) is irrelevant. A few of my friends would say that makes them better companions. Bana is a role model among men, and the film is probably going to be pretty solid with this trio of stars who are typically known for choosing their material well, prequels be damned.

As an aside, on my softball team when people call for "Ball in! Ball in!" I usually say "Anne Boleyn! Anne Boleyn!" to blank expressions. Is the joke that bad or are they that uneducated?