If you ever wonder why there aren’t more meaty roles for actresses you love the answer is simply:  Carey Mulligan is getting them all.

This isn’t meant to be as snarky as it sounds.  She absolutely deserves every role she gets, and has earned her place as the woman who everyone should turn to first when they are looking for a strong performance.

It looks like that continues to be case as the An Education and Drive star has added two more films to her schedule: Inside Llewyn Davis, the new Coen Brothers movie, and the as yet untitled Spike Jonze film that has him reteaming with Charlie Kauffman.  Currently she is filming The Great Gatsby under the direction of Baz Luhrmann and then will turn around and work with the Coens and Jonze back to back.

Not only is Mulligan booked solid for work but she continually attaches herself to the best and most interesting movie makers in Hollywood.  If there is any negative at all to this news it’s that these films aren’t coming out sooner.

Source: Showblitz