It Cool News broke the story this weekend, and now SciFi Wire has all but confirmed it – Doug Jones will be making a major announcement at Comic Con this weekend about his casting in a big superhero movie. And the word is that he’ll be playing the Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer.

Jones is going to be at the Con promoting Pan’s Labyrinth, in which he plays a skinny monster for Guillermo Del Toro. You’ll remember he played a skinny monster in Del Toro’s Hellboy. That weekend he’ll be on movie screens in The Lady in the Water, where he plays a skinny monster. I guess the Surfer would be a new kind of role for him, since he’s not technically a monster.

The question still remains who will do the voice of the Surfer – it may be Jones, but I have a feeling he’ll be Abe Sapiened, and someone else’s voice will be coming out of the Surfer’s shiny lips.