ascIt turns out that the guy who runs had never met big Steve. I mean, how does that happen? Even I’ve met him twice, and SpielbergFilms is easily the best site on the web for anything about Spielberg, and an invaluable resource when it comes to cutting through the bullshit that inevitably surrounds the Bearded Ones’ choice of a next project.

This weekend Steven Awalt of finally had a chance to interview the guy, and he got some interesting tidbits about upcoming projects, including the exclusive at the name of Spielberg’s in development hard sci-fi/wormhole project: it’s called Interstellar. Spaketh the Beard: “It’s a detailed treatment by Dr. Kip Thorne, and I’m working with Lynda Obst, who’s the producer, and Kip Thorne on this project.” He didn’t want to classify the film as hard sci-fi just yet, though. “I don’t want to categorize it yet, ‘cause I’m just at the beginning of the process.” He did say that he wouldn’t compare it to 2001, though.

There’s more in the interview, including talk about Indy IV, Lincoln and The Transformers. Click here to read the whole thing.