So today brings a slew of new news for the very well-covered Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. We’ve been all over this movie, so I’ll keep it simple…

• It’s being reported by The Playlist that David Fincher has a three-hour cut of the film, and Sony wants 40 minutes of that cut out. Apparently the disagreement is getting heated, enough that they surmise it could affect the studio and the director’s relationship. I think it’s a little early to predict such a thing, even if Fincher has butted head with studios before. Weirdly, they also mention that the viral Mouth Taped Shut site is purely a Fincher/Reznor creation that the studio doesn’t control and isn’t happy about. Sounds like a load of horseshit since they’ve choreographed entire footage preview screenings around it… Either way, disconcerting news.

• A new video showed up this morning on Mouth Taped Shut, showcasing a specific scene from the film, almost like a stylized set walkthrough. It’s been cutely run through an 8mm filter on an iPhone or something, though it’s funny seeing “8mm” footage constantly auto-adjusting exposure and white balance.

It’s still pretty cool, and has led to…

• The viral component of the Dragon Tattoo campaign has ramped up and is now currently running a real-world ARG-style event. The MTS twitter is linking to a new site that is a mirror of the previously covered Comes Forth In The Thaw site that now have real-time countdowns for people to recover objects in different places. One involved a rock and stairwell, and now we have this:

A trolly and the promise that something is taped behind something else. So keep an eye on that and maybe you’ll have the chance to participate somewhere near you.

UPDATE: The LA clue has been found, and it’s one of the framed flowers (apparently signed and numbered by Fincher) that the killer uses to taunt Christopher Plummer in the film. It was found by the lucky Geoffrey McCarthy.

It also came with an interesting clue…

So DEFINITELY be on the look out for a chance to nab one in your city….

As for that other nasty business, I hope Sony and Fincher sort out their disagreement and that whichever way it goes, it’s for the good of the film and not ego or screening quotas.

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