Bourne Ultimatum is gearing up to start filming in the coming weeks, and rumors are leaking out about some interesting casting. A spy tells Cinescape that Matt Damon will be reteaming with a hirsute fella who helped him get famous in the first place – Robin Williams.

According to the scooper, Williams will be playing someone “very close” to Jason Bourne in the third film. What that means is unclear. If it was Greg Kinnear playing this role I would guess that Damon was merging his big spy franchise with a sequel to his Siamese twin comedy, Stuck on You. Think about it – a conjoined spy! We’ve never seen that before, and it would add a kinky twist to the usual Bondian seductions.

Don’t go looking for a hint as to who Robin might be playing in Robert Ludlum’s original novel – as has been par for the course for this series, the movie will basically only have the title in common with the book.