Joseph Gordon-Levitt only grows more well-liked and sought out in Hollywood with each passing day, as he continues a string of good years. This year 50/50 provided him with a chewy, funny role after hitting the real spotlight in Inception last year, while his networking keeps paying off as his work with Nolan will continue on The Dark Knight Rises, and now he may well end up alongside Leonardo DiCaprio once again… in a Tarantino flick!

While I would not have necessarily pegged JGL immediately as a Tarantino-type actor, I’m still pleased to hear from Variety that he’s in talks to take on a role in Django Unchained. There aren’t too many left for him to take, but those who have read the script surmise he might take on one of the few remaining bad guy roles (maybe the other Brittle brother? Hard to picture him alongside Savini…) or perhaps a character who buys Django’s wife and falls in love with her named Scotty.

What’s funny, and is far more likely a coincidence rather than choreography, is that the release of Premium Rush in January might have interfered with his ability to appear in Django, and yet that film now finds itself with a late Summer release! Now moved to August 24th of next year, one has to wonder if Sony is banking on JGL’s star-power growing hotter, and the film capitalizing on some of that post-The Dark Knight Rises heat.

In any event, it’s a good day to be Levitt and his agent.

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