I’ve often said that one of the only reasons the comic industry still exists is to provide a platform for intellectual properties, because it’s far less complicated to plunk an issue of finished storyboards on a studio suit’s desk than go through all that pitching nonsense.

The fellows at comic publisher Boom! are taking advantage of the medium’s dealmaking facilitation, making their second sale in as many months. Universal (who just grabbed their new book Talent) has smacked their stamp of approval on the new title Tag, a high-concept horror tale in which an average guy gets “infected” with a curse that causes him to decompose. He researches his affliction as he’s festering away, and discovers he must redistribute the mystical malady or surrender to putrification. Hey, we’ve all been there.

Only the first issue of the book has reached the stands so far – Graig gave the book a solid 4 out of 5 in his Thor’s Comic Column review HERE, stating that the story utilizes the blogosphere and crosses zombies with a game of schoolyard cooties tag. The movie project is being produced by Marc Platt along with Boom! buddies Ross Richie and Andy Cosby, whose Sci-Fi Channel series Eureka premieres next Tuesday (check our contest HERE!).