Lizard is about as vital as any creative team working in Hollywood to me. Though Michael Mann is the guy who gets me to drop whatever I’m doing to watch his films [and Newell will be interviewing him for next week, lucky ape], these guys make me laugh more than anyone else and the beautiful thing is that they earn their laughs in a way that seems less like pandering and more like sharing their own personal inside humor. People can have their hot button humor choices. I’ll take this.

JoBlo got their lady lovin’ hands on the official poster for the film [click the pic to see it bigger there], the first one that sadly lacks the Broken Lizard branding but still packs a wallop. I wish they’d have kept the "high brau" comedy line but people don’t see these flicks because of the posters.

Well, people didn’t see Club Dread at all, but it does improve with each viewing.

In addition to the poster, they’ve revealed the trailer but sadly chose to partner with Maximonline, whose server must be sorely taxed from showing all that cocktease. I can’t vouch for the trailer, since I can’t see it. Feel free to¬† sit and wait for some hate.

Regardless, expect plent of love from us in the coming month.

As an aside, check out Broken Lizard’s Official Page (MySpace).

Oh, and check mine too, since I’m the last person on the planet to do it.