What more could Matt Damon do to solidify his place as one of the most reliable, intelligent, and classy people Hollywood has to offer?

He could direct. And he will. So sayeth The Hollywood Reporter. A legal drama in the vein of Erin Brockovich. Damon behind the lens as well as co-starring with John Krasinski, who wrote the currently untitled drama with the help of Dave Eggers. That’s interesting at least. Damon’s behind the scenes way of doing things was seen in a smaller effect on the Project Greenlight series but a quick glance at the filmmakers he’s worked with and the fantastic strength of his body of work indicates he’s as safe a bet as any to direct.

Here’s my one gripe with the idea: Less Matt Damon in front of camera while this shoots, edits, and does the promo circuit. Also, directing has a way of aging folks. Here’s hoping Damon pulls it off as effortlessly as he did writing, acting, and raising a normal family with a normal life within the most corrupting business there is.

More details on this this and the other project he’s been mulling to direct once there’s a reason.