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I thought Woman In Black looked like a promising little atmospheric horror flick back when the teaser first premiered, and it only looks better with the inclusion of more Cirián Hinds in the latest ad. It premiered on Spike during their Scream Awards, and is a quick-cut look at the film with a few new scares and a bit more cymbal monkey.

In the Harry Potter doc trailer I linked yesterday, Radcliffe is quite forthcoming about his fears of not being accepted in non-Potter roles, but I get the feeling he’ll fit right into this gothic setting, with many a long face surrounding him. If the film is as textured and atmospheric at it seems without every becoming too stupid, it will be a respectable shift in genres for the actor.

By the way, there’s a motion poster that debuted today from EW and though it’s quite cheesy, I can’t help but kind of enjoy it…

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