It’s being reported that Never Let Me Go, One Hour Photo, and almost The Wolfman director mark Romanek is being courted by Sony to pickup from Ron Howard with the Robert Langdon code-breaking franchise. The Lost Symbol is the next book to be adapted, and the best-selling book of the entire series. Despite a diminished box office return for the least film, the Langdon books are a sort of Harry Potter for adults that break records with each release. The Lost Symbol is in fact the fastest selling “adult novel” every published, having sold a million copies in one day.

I will say that it would be unwise holding your breath waiting to hear an official announcement. It was only a couple months ago that word was out about Romanek being in talks with Disney to make a live-action Cinderella film, which I expect is no longer the case if he’s flirting with Sony. Both of these are projects that the respective studios are wanting to happen quickly.

I will say, of all the ridiculous bullshit that Dan Brown has spun stories about so far, the subject matter of The Lost Symbol is likely the most interesting. Wrapped up in Masonic history, early American symbolism, and the architecture of the nation’s capital, the story ends on what I understand to be a kind of obvious and silly note, but the backdrop is at least cool. What’s not fun about founding father conspiracy theories?

Tom Hanks will likely cash this check, and Ron Howard is still on board to produce, but again nothing definitive on the famously uncompromising director. Romanek clearly has options if he wants to get into studio filmmaking, but I wonder which project, if any, will get him to sign on the line that is dotted and actually see it through till the end?

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