EDIT: Everybody updated to say it will be 6 minutes showing, and there are now multiple confirming sources. I’m willing to bet we’ll be seeing the opening sequence again, or at least one contained scene.

I remember quite vividly rushing out to see I Am Legend with as much or more eagerness to see the opening scene of The Dark Knight in IMAX as to see the actual 2007 Will Smith film. Because of a mix-up with ticketing, the theater oversold the IMAX screening and ended up diverting a ton of people into a normal theater showing the film (just imagine the bitching). I knew the layout of the theater pretty well, so I trotted off into one of the stairwells, through a back upstairs corridor and into a door that let out at the top of the IMAX auditorium (an old school 70mm theater with a massive screen like you don’t see much anymore). I watched the scene, shit my pants just a little, and trotted back to the humble auditorium showing Legend to be intensely disappointed by that film.

Now all these years later I’ll get to do it all over again!

According to a source at /Film, WB is looking to pull a similar stunt with 8 minutes of IMAX footage from The Dark Knight playing as a tease in front of M:I Ghost Protocol. There’s no word on if that footage revolves around a single scene (as it did with TDK), or if it’s a more of a long-form trailer like with the Dragon Tattoo tease a few weeks ago.

Supposedly the footage will show in front of the Brad Bird/Tom Cruise film, which will hit IMAX on Friday, December 16th.. a full five days before that film’s Wednesday wide release date. I could have sworn that Sherlock Holmes 2 would be playing on the big big screens, but apparently not and WB will have to team up with Paramount to make this happen. Definitely a win-win for both. It does make me wonder though, if WB will have a more standard new trailer attached to regular showings of their own Game of Shadows that opens that same day…

There’s not been a confirmation of exactly how much of The Dark Knight Rises was shot on IMAX cameras, with the only info out there being that it’s much more than has been done before. If they really did try and shoot everything possible in the format, then they may well not even know themselves until the edit is closer to being done. Regardless, I have no doubt they can cull 8 spectacular minutes from what they’ve shot.

Will you be upgrading your M:I trip to IMAX to see those 8 minutes?

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