I don’t know if perhaps blockbusters have gotten too ambitious about their teaser trailers lately, or if it’s something that’s always been a habit that I’m just now noticing, but I’m getting a little tired of underwhelming teasers becoming “oh okay, it’s a real movie” full trailers. This clearly comes from the first trailers being cut when there’s not enough complete footage to pull from, be it our first look at Green Lantern last year or more recently the very limited Avengers teaser. I’m getting the impression we need to go back to more subtle, hinting teasers that focus on a few images or a specific scene. The difference between the first Sherlock Holmes 2 teaser and the trailer that’s shown up online today is another example: this latest trailer actually seems to have the scale to back up the insane amount of explosions crammed into two minutes.

This trailer is actually much more intriguing to me as I wasn’t especially hot about the first film and the teaser didn’t get my juices flowing, but the globe-trotting, ultra-textured style promised here has me convinced it might be a fun trip. The amount of slow-motion borders on gratuitous, but I appreciate that Guy Ritchie seems to have struck upon a photographically interesting sequence in which to go all-out with it. I love the look of the exploding trees and the profile view of a bullet’s near-miss, and look forward to catching that sequence in December. I’m also much more sold on the Holmes/Watson dynamic captured here.

Noomi Rapace doesn’t really get any extra love, but as for the supporting characters there’s at least a little bit more of a sense that Jared Harris will a good Moriarty, though they’re not selling the character with the menace I feel he deserves. I don’t understand why they didn’t roll with something like a Dark Knight or Mission Impossible 3 teaser that was almost exclusively built to create an aura of menace from the villain, and then expanding on the scale of the plot in subsequent trailers.

Also, where’s Mycroft?!

In any event, how does this trailer work for you?

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