I gotta be honest… I suck at faces. I don’t mean in a hug your face and impregnate your mouth with my demon alien seed but more that I just have serious trouble remembering the faces and names of people I’ve met. It’s a constant stress and the pressure of it definitely fosters an insecurity that it will prevent me from succeeding to some extent.

Prosopagnosia is the clinical term for facial blindness, and applies to people who have encountered brain trauma and have a genuine disability to retain memory of other human faces (rather than just being an asshole with a lazy memory). What’s odd about the condition is that it leaves intact your ability to engage the gestalt effect with objects in the world, and simply erases retention of human faces. This is the condition that Anna, played by Milla Jovovich, is left with after being attacked by a serial killer who doesn’t quite finish the job. That he continues to terrorize Anna and capitalize on her new condition makes him even more of a monster.

CHUD is happy to bring you an exclusive clip below, which captures the stress of Anna’s condition and clearly illustrates the thriller potential of such a concept. Take a look…

Along with Jovovich the film also stars Julian McMahon, and will hit DVD and Blu-ray next week on October 25th . You can see the trailer for the film right here.