casThis is probably a bit more of a JoBlo type story than a CHUD type story, but I’m in the mood to talk about Natalie Portman’s tatas. And the reason why her tatas are the topic of conversation today is that New York Post*’s Page Six is reporting that she’ll be going full frontal in her new movie, Goya’s Ghosts.

The film is a biopic about Francisco Goya, not about the Spanish foods aisle at your local supermarket (although Goya Ghosts is a good name for the shits you get after eating too many beans), and Natalie’s nude scene will not be of the sexy variety – unless you consider torture sexy, in which case you’re probably Eli Roth. Natalie will be playing Goya’s muse, who gets accused of atheism and is stripped and tortured. No, the film isn’t set at Bob Jones University – Goya lived in Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries.

This is apparently not Natalie’s first time naked (not counting those topless beach shots some paparazzi got a couple of years back) – she originally danced nude in Closer, but begged Mike Nichols to cut it out.

The film, directed by Milos Forman, and starring Stellan Skarsgard as Goya, is in post-production right now. Which means there’s still time for Natalie to chicken out.

*Yesterday’s Post had the best cover ever – a story about the NYPD hiring the first ever Hasidic cop and it said “NYPD JEW”