looks like Vince Vaughn is all grows up. Now that The Wedding Crashers and The Break Up have established him as a bona fide star he’s turning his attention to much more serious roles. We’ve told you that he’ll be filming a part for Sean Penn’s Into the Wild, which is pretty serious. Now he’s looking to sign up with Paul Haggis for an adaptation of Richard Clarke’s hot button inside-Washington tell all, Against All Enemies.

Vaughn would be playing Paul O’Neill – the Treasury Secretary, not the Yankee. At least I think they’re different people. It would be pretty awesome if we had a cabinet member who spent half the year swatting baseballs. And heck, owning a baseball team was one of the few non-disastrous things George W Bush has ever done in his life.

Against All Enemies is a critique of the Bush Administration’s handling of Al Qaeda in the time before and after 9/11, and is the book that revealed that Bush and friends were planning an invasion of Iraq from the very first days of the presidency and that 9/11 and WMD were just excuses. O’Neill was one of the people who backed Clarke up in these claims. If he is cast, how money would it be that Vaughn was playing the Secretary of Treasury? (And with that I’ve used up all my Swingers jokes for July)

The film isn’t budgeted yet, so Vaughn’s casting isn’t quite official. Also, Haggis still has to work out the details for his Pablo Escobar movie, Medellin, which is having some serious problems securing a star.