I don’t know what surprised me more while watching the trailer for Rocky Balboa (aka Rocky 6) — the ridiculous condition of 60-year-old Sly Stallone, or the fact that Burt Young is still alive.

But they’re both making their way back to the ring (will Apollo Creed make an appearance from the afterlife?) as Stallone’s most famous character comes out of retirement to fight a cocky young hotshot and all that noisy hip-hop the kids listen to. Stallone wrote the script himself (who’d know Rocky better?), and gets behind the camera for the first time since he filmed himself absorbing Dolph punches some two decades ago.

The catalyst for Rocky’s return to the sport of physical punishment is a computer simulation that sparks the interest of boxing fans, and Sony is hoping audiences feel the same way instead of just staying home and using his digital likeness to pummel polygons in the Rocky videogame.