UPDATE: An amendment to the below article from 7/10/06 — The fine folks at Blackfilm, the resident online experts in the type of film that is black, have verified Rhames’ involvement with the people behind the remake. Apparently it’s Mena Suvari also starring and not Mira Sorvino, which is sorta similar in name only. Other humans to be dismembered and consumed include Nick Cannon, Stark Sands, Michael Welch and Annalynne McCord, and their star power should prove indicative of their place in the food chain.

Diehard Romero fans dreaded Universal’s remake of the horror classic Dawn of the Dead, but the result was reasonably successful on both financial and visceral levels. But did anyone survive Zach Snyder’s zombie onslaught?

Bloody Disgusting seems to think so – they’re hearing that big man Ving Rhames will return to the reanimated franchise to mash more shambler skulls in the impending remake of Day of the Dead, as a way to loosely link the updates. Word has it that the mobile deceased will also be shuffling after Oscar-winner Mira Sorvino, who’s been spending a lot of time below C-level for the past decade.

The remake is being directed by Steve Miner, who’s previously handled entries in the Halloween and Friday the 13th franchises… not to mention House, Lake Placid, and the terror-filled Soul Man (C. Thomas Howell in blackface = scary). The original Day of the Dead (propelled by Joe Pilato’s award-worthy performance) was set in a zombie-surrounded military base containing a ragtag gang of soldiers and civilians, and a scientist performing gruesome experiments on the living dead.