We love Gary Oldman, and we love him because he’ll gaze at a documentary crew with this look…

…and say to them about their behind-the-scenes documentary, “It would be nice if it were talented. Most of these things are awful.”

And so right away the trailer for When Harry Left Hogwarts sets a high standard for itself. The clearly excellent access the crew’s cameras had with the production and the cast-members suggests they may very well have the depth of material to live up to that standard. The trailer promises an extremely intimate look at how the principle three actor’s deal with the fear of leaving the franchise behind, as well as the enormous pressure of being some of the most famous faces on the planet. These are still very young people and the mixture of frustration, stress, gratitude, anxiousness, and excitement on their faces as they interact with fans or talk about their futures is kind of hilariously juxtaposed with the nonchalant poise of many of these experienced British actors.

This could be another DVD filler piece, but it sure looks like something more, something that examines the conclusion of a phenomenon from the perspective of those at the center of it.

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(via TotalFilm)