This is frustrating.

I was pretty lukewarm on Captain America this summer, largely because a shockingly fresh origin story got lost in a series of montages and boringly cut, nonsensical action. What did the movie need more of? Fleshed out war sequences that merged old school cinematic battle with the comic book sensibilities.

Guess what the scene below, were it actually finished and included, would do quite specifically?

It’s a crying shame Captain America wasn’t built out of more pieces like this. I know many people enjoyed it, and I by no means hated it, but all of those excellent performances and great production design could have been wrapped around a story engineered around more active bravery and ground-level comradery like this. Adding this specific scene would have by no means changed anything –it’s not exactly a stunning piece of filmmaking or anything– but it does suggest to me that amidst all those battle montages there was some grit and character and danger.

Oh well, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Captain America: Total War or whatever. This deleted bit can be see on the DVD/Blu that hits shelves next week.

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Source | Marvel (via TotalFilm)