I don’t mean to be a dick but if Mickey Rourke is really negotiating to star in Martin McDonagh’s second feature film in lieu of appearing in The Expendables 2, then maybe the guy really does know when to leap on the right project.

According to Deadline, Rourke is doing just that and plans to join McDonagh-veteran Colin Farrell as well as Sam Rockwell and Christopher Walken in Seven Psychopaths, the director’s sophomore effort. The story focuses on a screenwriter who gets wrapped up with dog-nappers and gangsters in an effort to inspire his next script, which shares the movie’s title. Apparently Rourke will be reassuming his role as a tough guy dog-lover from the lets-just-not-talk-about-it Once Upon A Time In Mexico, and here will play an insane gangster who loses his shih tzu.

Mr. Fleming presumes that Rourke is hot for a little bit of that awards buzz again, but frankly I’m hoping he just sees a good opportunity and is leaping on it. The Expendables is fun and all, but it sounds as if they were always going to whack his character anyway. McDonagh’s In Bruges is certifiably amazing, hilarious, and a truly awesome directorial debut for the theater dramatist. His second effort is sure to get a lot of people (like me!) very excited, and he’s clearly got a great cast assembled to fill it out. These are all guys that, when working with a strong director, can do really spectacular work.

This is definitely one of those movies I want tomorrow— gonna be a rough wait.

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