are two things that make fans of ABC’s Lost very, very nervous: the possibility of a Hurley nude scene and the show being dragged out forever, constantly having to come up with newer and stupider mysteries just to keep the show chugging along on the network’s schedule. It turns out Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof shares that second fear – at least according to, perhaps the biggest source of utter bullshit on the internet.

In this case, though, the story seems on the up and up, with Lindelof quoted as saying "We’d love to end the show after four year, five years tops and do a movie.” Five or so years would be probably ideal for the show, although I don’t know that I would care to see a Lost film – after five seasons would there be any flashbacks worth seeing? There are some who say that the show has already exhausted all the good flashbacks two years in.

Lindelof is supposed to be at San Diego Comic Con, happened in just a few weekends. I’ll be sure to corner him there and get the full story. You reading this, Lindelof? I’m coming for you!