It’s true: I haven’t watched (or even really thought about) Piranha 3D since the blast of a time I had watching it a midnight show last year. With it’s cheap 3D gimmicks, gratuitous nudity, silly exposition, and piled on gore it shouldn’t have really been my bag, but Aja managed to balance his relatively sophisticated handle on horror filmmaking with an absolutely shameless instinct for spectacle. While the sequel doesn’t sport his assured hand behind the camera, I was quite ready to give Feast-director John Gulager a chance to create a similar amount of fun with the added likes of Gary Busey and David Koechner to a cast that already boasted Hasselhoff, Ving Rhames and a borderline insane Chistopher Lloyd.

Alas, that fun night at the movies is not to be, at least not for some time.

Dread Central is reporting that Dimension has removed the film from its November slate to a nebulous “2012” TBD slot (along with The Amityville Horror: The Lost Tapes, which I’d not even heard existed till now), with no sign of a concrete date. Unless the producers have figured out they’ve got some kind of grand crossover hit on their hands, I would expect to see it dumped in very early April perhaps. Regardless, next year is already packed so counter-programming against some bigger blockbuster is really the only option they’re gonna have.

It’s rarely clear exactly why this happens to a film, but it often reads as a sign that the studio is hedging their bets on a stinker. Who knows when we’ll know!

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