Tom Savini has shown up in more than his fair share of Robert Rodriguez film and thus been near collaborations with one Mr. Tarantino, but unless I’m mistaken the news that Savini will appear in Django Unchained marks the first time he’s been cast in a Tarantino movie proper. Feel free to correct me on that, but regardless the two are a perfectly natural, inevitable pairing.

Savini will be playing a rather disgusting human being in a movie that promises to be full of them, according to Coventry Telegraph. He’ll be one of the men responsible for brutalizing the titular characters wife, as well as scarring Django’s face with a branded “R” for “runaway.” The frequent actor and long-term special effects pioneer will be joined by two others to form the Brittle Brothers, with M.C. Gainey rumored as Big John Brittle (according to the ever-reliable IMBD).

The film is all but ready to roll cameras, and tons of casting notices have been falling into place like so many puzzle pieces. Most recently Don Johnson joined the cast, and Kurt Russell is said to be in talks after Kevin Costner recused himself due to scheduling problems, with both of those parts being for very nasty characters as well. Django is gonna have a rough time of it, if the casting is any indication.

I don’t remember much from the Land of the Dead screening I attended however many years ago, but I do remember hearing such a roar for Savini when he burst onto the screen in his cameo. He’s a fun, magnetic dude and should fit right into the Tarantinoverse.

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