Jack The Giant Killer is set for June of next year, so it’s about getting to that time when post-production gets into full swing and the principles start talking about their next projects. Byran Singer has long had a very full plate to choose from, but it turns out that one of the projects has fallen off the slate, while another has become a post-Jack priority.

“Yeah, unfortunately it is no longer going to happen.”

That’s Singer bluntly confirming that his remake of John Boorman’s 1981 Excalibur is dead, and unlikely to return. He cites Warner Brothers interest in another Camelot project pitched to the studio that was much more ready to go, which sent his project to its doom. While Excalibur was intended to be his next project after he completed his giant killings, he apparently transferred that energy into his take on Battlestar Galactica. That production is one that’s blipped on and off the radar for 10+ years, and at one point was another ill-advised pseudo-sequel to a 70s original. Hopefully Singer learned his lesson with Superman Returns and will put his energy into something fresh and free-standing.

The source of this info is SFX, a UK news site, and they have apparently missed the months of announcements and coverage of another of Singer’s projects: H+. They claim to exclusively reveal the existence of “plans” for the web series, but you should know that it is a fully formed, and nearly completed project that nears an unknown online release through WB.

There’s still some time before any more substantive developments could be made on Battlestar, but it seems we have some idea of where Singer will be putting his energy over the next few years. That’s assuming no one else shows up at the WB offices with a take on the franchise and usurps that project too!

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(via Dark Horizons)