casThe death of George Reeves, the actor who played Superman on the Adventures of Superman TV show, remains one of the great fascinating Hollywood stories. The official version is suicide, but rumors, scuttlebutt and damning evidence point to murder. Hollywoodland is a film based on the investigation into Reeves’ death, a sort of LA Confidential in blue tights. The trailer has hit the web, and the movie looks promising.

Hollywoodland is a shitty name (the Hollywood sign once said Hollywoodland, way back in the day), but it wasn’t always the title of the movie. Warner Bros sued to have the title changed from Truth, Justice and the American Way, a much more evocative title. The trailer doesn’t seem to indicate whether we see Reeves in the full Superman suit, but I would bet that we don’t.

In what could be a major step towards career rehabilitation Ben Affleck plays the doomed Reeves. Adrien Brody plays the cop investigating the case, while Diane Lane plays Reeves’ MILFy love interest. Bob Hoskins plays the very obvious bad guy.

Click here to check out the trailer in either shitty Windows Media or glorious Quicktime. Hollywoodland opens in limited release on September 8.