In Factotum Matt Dillon plays a character based on Charles Bukowski – this means that if he and Mickey Rourke ever teamed up for a sequel to Rumblefish it could also be sold as Crisis on Infinite Drunkards (this one goes out to the nerds in the house: picture the cover of Flash #123, with the Flashes saying “I’m drinking!”).

Now that I’ve lost the audience that would actually go see a Bukowski picture, let me tell you about Factotum, which, yes, I have seen. Dillon is Henry Chinanski, one of Bukowski’s alter egos, a drunk who drifts from shitty job to shitty job while trying to sell his writing. Along the way he falls in with Lili Taylor and Marisa Tomei, who looks pretty hot when playing a completely dissolute whore. Also, Fisher Stevens looks fucking rough, and I can’t tell if that’s for the movie or from his post-robot life. Factotum is a little bit lighter than Barfly, but still includes the kind of degeneracy one expects from Bukowski.

Factotum is being brought to you by IFC Films and will open August 18th in NYC before going wider across this great land of ours. Check out the movie’s official site right here.