past weekend was Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina, aka the convention for people who can’t get to San Diego in a couple of weeks. Coming Soon caught a small bit of news that evaded most people when it was announced at Heroes’ All Things Marvel panel – David Goyer is writing the treatment for the Thor movie.

The Thor film is one of the movies Marvel is independently producing with their 525 million dollar kitty, which will be distributed through Paramount Pictures. Goyer remains a controversial figure in the nerd world – while he’s loved for his work as writer on Batman Begins, he’s hated for his work as director on Blade III. What’s funny is that I feel the opposite about him; I enjoyed Blade III and my opinion of Batman Begins is far too well known.

At one point Mark Protosevich was writing a draft of the Thor movie (as an aside, I think Protosevich is one of the world leaders in never getting his movies made), and it’s unknown if Goyer is using that script as his basis or coming from a completely fresh angle.

Goyer’s currently finishing up directing the thriller The Invisible, a remake of a 2002 Swedish film. He is supposed to make a Flash movie at some point, but who knows if that will ever happen.