csaThe talk about Keith Richards playing Captain Jack Sparrow’s dad in the third Pirates of the Caribbean movie may yet actually come true. We’ve been hearing this for a while; Johnny Depp based his character on the life-abusing Rolling Stones guitarist and a possible cameo has been something all involved have been interested in. The talk died down, though, and it seemed for a while that the cameo would never happen.

But it could still be in the cards, Depp said at the UK premiere of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest. "You never say it’s definite until the guy steps on the set and the camera is rolling. But it’s looking very, very good," he said.

Orlando Bloom is also excited to possibly work with the man who has probably injected every plausible liquid into his veins. "I can’t wait to see him — well, if he doesn’t kill himself falling out of coconut trees," Bloom said. "Very rock and roll." (Remember, Richards needed brain surgery earlier this year after a tree tumble).

Pirates 3 (possibly to be called At World’s End, although no official name has been announced) has finished location shooting in the Caribbean, but will begin shooting plenty of stuff in Los Angeles in August. It’s unclear if anyone will bother asking Richards to be in the movie or if they will just direct his shambling undead body in the direction of the set and hope for the best.