As if I needed more proof that New Line just doesn’t get the (rapidly waning) Snakes on a Plane phenomenon, Snakes on a Blog has gotten some pictures of the truly terrible final poster. Looking at the poster I have to wonder who the hell thought this would sell anything – there isn’t even a snake on display that I can make out. Instead the poster focuses on the people, and frankly who cares about them?

I’m not generally in the business of fantasy poster making, but this is a film that would have been better served by an old-fashioned horror movie poster – maybe a plane parked on the runway with a motherfucker of a boa constrictor wrapped around it. Or people sitting in horror as snakes come out of the ceiling instead of oxygen masks. Or fuck, even a snake with a pilot cap sitting in the cockpit. Anything would have been better than the nonsense on display here. Unless – and this is a big unless – the poster is part one of a two part poster campaign, and the characters are reacting to another poster full of nothing but snakes.