Today a lot of scorn and snide remakes have been heaped onto Olivier Megaton and Luc Besson for a “synopsis” for Taken 2, mostly because people either suck at reading or at least suck at figuring out when they’re reading a casual description of a thing that happens in a movie, rather than a synopsis. Such is the case that this off-hand mention from THR

Sherbedgia will play Murad, the father of a kidnapper slain by Bryan Mills (Neeson) in the first film. Murad is described as a vengeful man who gives orders and doesn’t take them. When Murad takes Mills and his wife hostage, their daughter is enlisted to help save them.

…becomes some indication that Liam Neeson is trading his lead action role with Maggie Grace. Which is dumb. It does suggest they’re will be some girl powering! and maybe a nice expansion of the scene in which Neeson’s character coaches his daughter by cellphone to best prepare for her kidnapping and give him the maximum amount of information before it happens. If you think for a second that Neeson is going to sit out his own sequel though… silly. And if you think I’m just making an ass out of u and me, there are other actual synopses out there that make it clear that Kim will be helping Neeson escape, so that he may then embark on a second coming of badassery.

More interesting from all of this is the news that Rabe Sherbedgia has been cast as the villain. Rabe (fuck his last name) is a delightful actor to see pop up: you may remember him from Snatch, where he played Boris the Bullet Dodger, one of the most entertaining characters in a movie full of them. More recently you’ll recall Rabe having a few moments in X-Men: First Class in a mostly comedic role as a Russian General that didn’t earn a name despite having two scenes and a fair amount of dialogue. Rabe should bring a lot of fun villainy to what is sure to be a ridiculous action spectacle.

So yeah, cool Russian villain and the daughter will be in on the action, but this will be Liam’s show.

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