We have a new, full Muppets trailer and this time they’ve ditched the parodies. While it’s still more than a little meta, this a much more straightforward look that gives everyone an idea of the plot, which has the Muppets struggling with diminished fame and trying to resurrect their studio. Any focus on Adams or Segal is diminished in favor of lots of Muppet action, though it promises tons of new cameos along with all the favorite characters. Very enjoyable, but I’m sure your ticket for this was long ago bought if you’re gonna see it.

Shame, the latest Fassbenderfest taking the festivals by storm, and marking the second of what will be three collaborations between the actor and director Steve McQueen. This is a very stylish trailer, given rhythm by the deep sounds of breathing as Fassbender jogs, and/or fucks everything that moves. The trailer definitely sells sex and drama, but from everything I’ve heard this movie goes to very difficult places. I can’t wait to see it.

I’m too enthusiastic about Tom Hard and look too favorably on Chris Pine to totally hate the idea of this film, but damn This Means War looks easy and shallow. Selling itself as a sort of Mr. & Mr. Smith, it’s one of those trailers that seems to give away every major beat and at least tease every major joke. It’s good to see Hardy not sticking to a path of total dourness like a Bale or Worthington, but man, I wish he could have gotten thrown something better than this McG spectacle that doesn’t like it will be a competent enough comedy or action film to be worth everyone’s time. That said, there’s enough chemistry on display that I won’t completely dread the experience…

That’s it for trailer catch up!

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