a few hours ago we told you that CanMag is reporting that Spy Hunter and He-Man are both dead projects. While that may be the case with Prince Adam, Prince Adrian says his movie is alive, and quite well.

That’s Adrian Askarieh, who is producing Spy Hunter. He tells IGN that John Woo being off that film isn’t news to him at all – he’s been gone for a year now. He also tells the site that the film is strong and moving forward. “We should have an announcement in the next few weeks that will make the fans of Spy-Hunter, and the spy genre in general, very happy."

The article doesn’t quote Askarieh specifically about CanMag’s other claim that The Rock is out of the film, but it does sound like he’s essentially refuting that as well. Sorry, CanMag, maybe you’ll get a better scoop next time.